Review Of Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag

 Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag

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This is a pretty good and popular bag, in fact, its got a lot of happy customers on amazon. It holds two bags, and shoes, and really has a lot of space. The rollers are good quality, and I can tell they will last a while. Shoes come and go, but a good bag can carry with it, not only your bowling ball, but a lot of good memories on the lanes.

The Path Deluxe Double Roller by Pyramid easily fits two bowling balls, one pair of bowling shoes (up to US Mens Size 16, US Mens Size 15/14 Wide for SST/Performance Shoes), several accessories, and personal belongings crucial to your game.



Many color options available


Durable 600-denier polyester oxford construction
Wide 3" rubber wheels for easier maneuvering with wide wheel base for stability
21.5" Extendable square handle - 5 1/2" longer for easy rolling
Holds one pair of shoes (up to Size Mens 16)
Dimensions (L: 21") (H: 15") (W: 13")

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