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This is a real nice, solid, heavy hitter, that is great on heavy oil. It carry's through the pins like you wouldn't believe. The only reason I gave it a little lower review is because the first one that I got actually cracked during drilling. I use the same guy to drill all my balls, and this is the first one in a long time that actually cracked. Has anyone else had that happen?

Rise to success with the strong Motiv Jackal Rising! This ball was designed to be stronger than it's predecessor and is ideal for bowlers who throw the ball fast but still want big hook on heavy oil. This bowling ball also offers a smooth motion which is good for bowlers who need to blend over/under situations. This powerful bowling ball introduces a new coverstock, the Coercion HV2 (High Volume 2nd Edition). This cover offers more friction when rolling down the lane. The Jackal Rising is finished with a 2000 Grit LSS pad which helps to maximize the ball's hook potential. This cover and finish combo develop traction when facing oil yet still finishes with awesome power. This ball has more differential with an asymmetric core that will assist bowlers in getting their ball across more boards even on heavy oil conditions.



14, 15 and 16 pounds


The Jackal rising is the most hooking Jackal made by MOTIV bowling
The new coercion Hv2 cover creates more friction and has been tuned for the Jackal rising
The ball Comes with a 2000 Grit finish to maximize hook potential

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