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Like many/almost all pro balls, this one does not come pre-drilled. And once you are ready to bring it to the lanes, get ready for a fantastic game and get ready to add some points to your average. Admittedly, its not flashy at all, but its a solid, not frills, striking machine! It hooks absolutely fantastically. Pyramid says this one has a new core that they call the SG Equinox Symmetric core. I know a bit about different cores, and there is some debate about symmetric cores and asymmetric cores. What do you think? Which performs better for you? Comment below.

Overall, its a great, solid hitter and if you are looking for a no frills, but high performance ball, this is it.

The Curse was summoned to be the first ball out of your bag. The all-new SG Equinox Symmetric core, with its Low RG/High Differential, reads the mid-lane and finds the perfect path to the pocket with deadly accuracy. The Curse is strong, conjuring the GPS Navigational ATX Solid from the Divergent Path. Adding a surface finish of 2000 grit Abralon/Factory Polish provides push through the heads and a devastating backend reaction.



12 pounds to 16 pounds


SG Equinox Symmetric Core
GPS Navigational ATX Coverstock
Ideal for Medium-Heavy Oil Conditions
2-Year Warranty

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