League Standings Two x Twos Fall 2017-18

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two-x-twos-fall-2017-18: Year: 2017 Season: fall Week: 35
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
126Silenters803967 %140696695288162270
2303 Pins & A Gutter754463 %144691699988242318
325Thunderballs754463 %129624637457342073
421Brooklyn Boom!!!!!714860 %146590609447612087
57The Pocket Pickers714860 %134604621177152033
629Ralph & The Gang714860 %147642653827612074
715Pinkies Up675256 %139614645067472122
823Red Birds665355 %122606616947312013
924A-Team665355 %113570583877391910
1016S.O.S.655455 %114612628977331963
115Timber!!635653 %126713701848372297
1211Cheeseheads635653 %125640653607442131
1314Spare Me635653 %127677697928242267
148U.S. Preferred625752 %128682691369122500
1527Pin Seekers605950 %127634650278882270
1613Ya Gotta Hit 'Em To Get 'Em596050 %118659673877512118
1734 Pinheads586149 %99691690728262351
181Left-Overs586149 %100582557227452041
199Gutter Done576248 %118597610398062149
206Half 'N Half576248 %106687695218052302
2119Deadwood576248 %129609620537232046
2222Off Constantly576248 %109684633267942205
2328All About The Spares556446 %131701717738492289
2410Juanita Winos546545 %120635648047702043
2532Sunshine516843 %116654669857542235
2617Off The Hook516843 %97685696757972345
2712Ak-2-Az516843 %102685702768192300
2831Pin Pushers497041 %92672687547932165
2920The Packers487140 %121781766569052539
3018Manitos 'N Friend487140 %105596573547382068
312The Stable447537 %86689694347772223
324Team Four308925 %94626641517562073
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