Lane Assignments Two x Twos Summer 2018

Lane TM#Team NamePOSAvg LaneTM#Team NamePOSAvg
18Gutter Done32592 211Timber!!5720
313The Lucky 13S23583 41Brooklyn Boom!!!!!19603
522Plucking Pins1548 620Roll Drink Repeat25580
718Wannaby Winners4685 826All About The Spares31637
915Silenters10679 103Chit Happens29628
11199-Pack7663 122Off Constantly30577
134Team Four28627 147Pin Seekers13565
156Red Birds2584 1617Off The Hook26658
1725No Fears21544 1832If Only16661
1923The Packers15709 209Cheeseheads22622
215Gutter Dusters17573 2210Left-Overs18576
2329And I Paid For This!!8654 2427One Lucky Guy3718
2528Bass Ackwards14778 2630Next Week11773
2724Pinkies Up24606 2812Ssv Time To Spare27586
2921Badabing!!20751 3031Pffft! Haw!!12692
3114Cornbowlio6543 3216R Gang9652
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