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Men's High Scratch Games - 2023 Fall
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ScoreDate BowledBowler NameTeam NameLeague Name
 Page 1 of 23, items 1 to 20 of 448.
30009/28/2023Varner, RobJust Sayin Wan WangHammer Thursday Knights 23-34
30009/28/2023Coonan, MikeDon't Be DumbHammer Thursday Knights 23-34
30009/14/2023Williston, JohnWoozahHammer Thursday Knights 23-34
30009/11/2023Puzo, MichaelTuttle Post 279Monday Men's Social 23-24
30009/07/2023Hartigan, ShawnDeliveranceHammer Thursday Knights 23-34
29909/07/2023Cote, JesseEwing's Construction Svc'sHammer Thursday Knights 23-34
29709/21/2023Smeagle, WallyHeinz 57Hammer Thursday Knights 23-34
29709/21/2023Isaacs, JustinSmash ItHammer Thursday Knights 23-34
28609/25/2023Geoffrion, AlanX Marks the ShotDozers 2023-2024
28609/15/2023Pavlak-Jr, RaySlow PokesBALL & CHAIN
27909/27/2023Emery, BrianWeeblesHerbie's Hooligans 23-24
27909/21/2023Treasure, SeanFubarHammer Thursday Knights 23-34
27909/20/2023O'Connell, MatthewPretty in PinkHerbie's Hooligans 23-24
27909/20/2023Bellerive, BrandanThe Average BallsBryan Benicaso Memorial League
27909/20/2023Cantillon, JonathanFet's LuckTimber Toppers Auburn
27909/20/2023Williston, JohnTeam 15Timber Toppers Auburn
27909/14/2023Gill, KenAgainst All OddsHammer Thursday Knights 23-34
27909/07/2023Lanava, MattWoozahHammer Thursday Knights 23-34
27909/07/2023Estrella, BillyJust Sayin Wan WangHammer Thursday Knights 23-34
27809/21/2023McCormick, DanEwing's Construction Svc'sHammer Thursday Knights 23-34