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CenterID: 1425
Crofton Bowling Centre
2115 PreistBridge Rd
CroftonMD 21114
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LeagueID: 121338
Thursday Nite Mixed 2022-2023
Bowls On: Thursdays
Start Date: 08/25/2022
Start Time: 6:15 PM
Last Updated: 2/6/2023

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Below are the Social Distancing Lane Assignments for your NEXT bowling session. In certain scenarios, we are unable to provide "who" you are bowling against, unfortunately.

Shift Information


Lane Assignments
LaneShiftTM#Team Name Team Name
15110You Got One Job Team 32
16132Team 32 You Got One Job
1718We Upgraded Get Out Of There
18134Get Out Of There We Upgraded
1916R U Serious Run Joe
20133Run Joe R U Serious
2114#4Samseason The Choice Is Yours
22131The Choice Is Yours #4Samseason
2311Hard L.A.B.O.R Top Opps
24129Top Opps Hard L.A.B.O.R
2513Highly Favored Krusty Krew
26127Krusty Krew Highly Favored
2715Don't Sleep On Us What Pins
28125What Pins Don't Sleep On Us
2917Domino Effect Bad Newz Bears
30123Bad Newz Bears Domino Effect
3119Alpha Bowling Working It Out
32121Working It Out Alpha Bowling
33111Right Team, Wrong League #X Gon' Give It To Ya
34119#X Gon' Give It To Ya Right Team, Wrong League
35113Strike Force Bye
36117Bye Strike Force
37115Fireballz Gotta Ketchup
3812Gotta Ketchup Fireballz
39120Thow It Shitty Strike Pretty God Did
40122God Did Thow It Shitty Strike Pretty
41118Pocket Pimps Oki Ballers
42124Oki Ballers Pocket Pimps
43116Slow Walkers Pushin Pins
44126Pushin Pins Slow Walkers
45114Partners In Crime Y R We Bowling' ?
46128Y R We Bowling' ? Partners In Crime
47112Rolling Thunder Ber And Da Boyz
48130Ber And Da Boyz Rolling Thunder