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CenterID: 11770
Kingpins Alley Family Fun Ctr
166 Saratoga Ave.
South Glens FallsNY 12803
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LeagueID: 63701
Kingpin Classic League Presented by SPI
Bowls On: Mondays
Start Date: 08/28/2023
Start Time: 6:50 PM
Last Updated: 11/29/2023

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Below are the Social Distancing Lane Assignments for your NEXT bowling session. In certain scenarios, we are unable to provide "who" you are bowling against, unfortunately.

Shift Information


Lane Assignments
LaneShiftTM#Team Name Team Name
1135Team Chandler Team Smith
2124Team Smith Team Chandler
3113Team Flicker Team Benosky
4126Team Benosky Team Flicker
5133Team Blair Jb's Cards #2
618Jb's Cards #2 Team Blair
714Team Germain Boone Doc Saints
8120Boone Doc Saints Team Germain
9116Team Conte Team Pond
10136Team Pond Team Conte
11129Team Yadanza Team Rick Bogholtz
12121Team Rick Bogholtz Team Yadanza
1315Team Fawcett Team Izzy
14117Team Izzy Team Fawcett
15115Ti Automotive Team Weller
16111Team Weller Ti Automotive
17132Team Senecal Team Palmateer
18118Team Palmateer Team Senecal
19114Jb's Cards #1 Team Vinnie Nichols
20110Team Vinnie Nichols Jb's Cards #1
2113Team Harten Team Stangle
22128Team Stangle Team Harten
23131Kingpin's Alley #1 Team Mueller
2411Team Mueller Kingpin's Alley #1
25130Team Scooter Kingpin's Alley #2
26142Kingpin's Alley #2 Team Scooter
2716Team Hill Team Burnham
28139Team Burnham Team Hill
2912Lot Of Saratoga Team Vanguilder
30123Team Vanguilder Lot Of Saratoga
31122Team Zach Bogholtz Double B Ball & Drill #2
32134Double B Ball & Drill #2 Team Zach Bogholtz
33127Team Gitto Team Morris
34137Team Morris Team Gitto
35112Martha's Dandee Creme Team Jordan Nichols
36138Team Jordan Nichols Martha's Dandee Creme
37140Broadway Lanes Team Mccarthy
38119Team Mccarthy Broadway Lanes
3917Double B Ball & Drill #1 Dreamsleep
4019Dreamsleep Double B Ball & Drill #1
41125Team Keech Team Craig Smith
42141Team Craig Smith Team Keech