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CenterID: 12129
Pike Street Lanes
2605 Pike Street
ParkersburgWV 26101
(304) 482-0318

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Connolly, ZachKegel Doubles 233
Balser, LarryKegel Doubles 233
Best, IsiahaMonday Summer Doubles 232
Chapman, LeroyWed Sr summer No Tap232
Ball, MikeWed Sr summer No Tap232
Dennis, SethMonday Summer Doubles 232
Delaney, DaveWed Sr summer No Tap232
Friend, NikolaiKegel Doubles 232
Galloway, AnnaWed Sr summer No Tap232
Halterman, GregKegel Doubles 232
Goff, GlennKegel Doubles 232
Hoover, J DKegel Doubles 232
Holliday, BrandonKegel Doubles 232
Holliday, BrandonMonday Summer Doubles 232
Javins, TylerKegel Doubles 232
Jumper, HaroldKegel Doubles 232
Life, LeviKegel Doubles 232
Henline, ErinMonday Summer Doubles 232
Little, JohnWed Sr summer No Tap232
Marsh Jr, JohnKegel Doubles 232
Reynolds, CharlesKegel Doubles 232
Reynolds, AndrewMonday Summer Doubles 232
Morrison, HunterKegel Doubles 232
Sheppard, HuestonKegel Doubles 232
Samples, TimKegel Doubles 232
Ruble, NickWed Sr summer No Tap232
Lucas, MikeWed Sr summer No Tap232
Smith, JoshMonday Summer Doubles 232
Sweat, HeathKegel Doubles 232
Surprenant, AnthonyKegel Doubles 232
Szabo, CoreyKegel Doubles 232
Weaver, TrentonKegel Doubles 232
Whipkey, LesaMonday Summer Doubles 232
Wiggers, DavidMonday Summer Doubles 232
Wiggers, TiaMonday Summer Doubles 232
Szabo, AdamKegel Doubles 231
Stockl, AmeliaThursday Ball League 231
Stephens, RonMonday Summer Doubles 231
Smith, JoshuaThursday Ball League 231
Smith, JoshKegel Doubles 231
Shoemaker, MeganMonday Summer Doubles 231
Lucas, GwenWed Sr summer No Tap231
Lockhart, RickMonday Summer Doubles 231
Riel, CarolMonday Summer Doubles 231
Reyonlds, AndrewThursday Ball League 231
Reynolds, SilasThursday Ball League 231
Moore, BethMonday Summer Doubles 231
Minor, JakeWed Sr summer No Tap231
McLain, SamMonday Summer Doubles 231
McArdle, KellieWed Sr summer No Tap231
Prather, EthanMonday Summer Doubles 231
Piggott, AndyMonday Summer Doubles 231
Pickrell, MarkMonday Summer Doubles 231
Parrish, KristiMonday Summer Doubles 231
Ozanick, TrinityThursday Ball League 231
Ozanick, RyanThursday Ball League 231
Nelson, CodyKegel Doubles 231
Mulinex, MattThursday Ball League 231
Mulinex, JacksonThursday Ball League 231
Mulinex, BrandonThursday Ball League 231
Males, JordanKegel Doubles 231
Mace, WoodyWed Sr summer No Tap231
Lyons, LarryWed Sr summer No Tap231
Lyons, Fu LingWed Sr summer No Tap231
Little, BillWed Sr summer No Tap231
Hartsorn, RickMonday Summer Doubles 231
Life, FisherKegel Doubles 231
Knotts, EthanThursday Ball League 231
Kidder, JamesKegel Doubles 231
Kidder, DebbieMonday Summer Doubles 231
Joy, TrishWed Sr summer No Tap231
Johansen, HollyMonday Summer Doubles 231
Javins, TylerThursday Ball League 231
Hullman, JonThursday Ball League 231
Horner, JimWed Sr summer No Tap231
Hornbeck, JerriWed Sr summer No Tap231
Hill, RalphWed Sr summer No Tap231
Hess, JackWed Sr summer No Tap231
Gilliard, ZachMonday Summer Doubles 231
Giffin, AddisonKegel Doubles 231
Gallagher, BraydenKegel Doubles 231
Friend, NikolaiMonday Summer Doubles 231
Friend, NikolaiThursday Ball League 231
Farish, OwenKegel Doubles 231
Erb, TheresaMonday Summer Doubles 231
Enlow, TinaThursday Ball League 231
Enlow, JeffThursday Ball League 231
Eddy, ScottThursday Ball League 231
Eddy, PaulThursday Ball League 231
Eddy, MiekaThursday Ball League 231
Easton, NicholasThursday Ball League 231
Dotson, MaciThursday Ball League 231
Dotson, AshleyThursday Ball League 231
Currey, CoreyThursday Ball League 231
Cox, BrianMonday Summer Doubles 231
Connolly, ZachMonday Summer Doubles 231
Connolly, ScottMonday Summer Doubles 231
Adams, MarkMonday Summer Doubles 231
Chapman, AnnWed Sr summer No Tap231
Cain, MikeMonday Summer Doubles 231