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CenterID: 2070
Sleeping Giant Lanes
HelenaMT 59601
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LeagueID: 135523
Sweet Sixteen
Bowls On: Thursdays
Start Date: 08/31/2023
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 4/11/2024

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Below are the Social Distancing Lane Assignments for your NEXT bowling session. In certain scenarios, we are unable to provide "who" you are bowling against, unfortunately.

Shift Information


Lane Assignments
LaneShiftTM#Team Name Team Name
1115Bowl Fighters Nice Ball Earl
213Nice Ball Earl Bowl Fighters
3113Gutter I Hardly Know Her Saggy Splits
411Saggy Splits Gutter I Hardly Know Her
5111Gutter Dusters For Splits Sake
617For Splits Sake Gutter Dusters
719Gutter Pinz Scared Splitless
815Scared Splitless Gutter Pinz
914The Scramblers Backdoor Strikers
10124Backdoor Strikers The Scramblers
1112Wesab We've Been Framed
12122We've Been Framed Wesab
1318Beerocrats Calhoun Saloon
14120Calhoun Saloon Beerocrats
15162 Legit 2 Split Phunk Bucket Bowlers
16118Phunk Bucket Bowlers 2 Legit 2 Split
17116Mcgribs We Don't Give A Split
18119We Don't Give A Split Mcgribs
19114Stupid One Pin Living On A Spare
20117Living On A Spare Stupid One Pin
21112Bowled & Spicy Amiigaf
22123Amiigaf Bowled & Spicy
23110Holy Splits The Big 406
24121The Big 406 Holy Splits