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CenterID: 11068
South Point Bowling Center
9777 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las VegasNV 89183
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LeagueID: 68372
PI USA 22/23 (500)
Bowls On: Fridays
Start Date: 08/26/2022
Start Time: 12:30 PM
Last Updated: 3/18/2023

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Below are the Social Distancing Lane Assignments for your NEXT bowling session. In certain scenarios, we are unable to provide "who" you are bowling against, unfortunately.

Shift Information


Lane Assignments
LaneShiftTM#Team Name Team Name
3315Spare Spare Lang Let's Go Team
34113Let's Go Team Spare Spare Lang
35112Fil'er Up Quick Release
36115Quick Release Fil'er Up
3717We'll Take It Bad Sneaker
38121Bad Sneaker We'll Take It
3914Enjoy Lang Happy One
40126Happy One Enjoy Lang
41117Talent, Ltd Aloha Ke Akua
42124Aloha Ke Akua Talent, Ltd
43128Needles & Pins Di Quarters
44110Di Quarters Needles & Pins
45130Together Again Bowl-Laga
46120Bowl-Laga Together Again
4711Talaga Naman Nbc
48132Nbc Talaga Naman
4919The Messengers Team Work
50114Team Work The Messengers
5113Yes, We Can Team Arte
5212Team Arte Yes, We Can
53116Strikers Veni Vidi Vici
54129Veni Vidi Vici Strikers
55118Excuse Me! Lucky 4
5616Lucky 4 Excuse Me!
57131Team 31 Together Forever
58119Together Forever Team 31
59111Kayley Realtor
60122Realtor Kayley
61125Orient Express Meant 2 B
62123Meant 2 B Orient Express
6318Triple X Apo Lakay
64127Apo Lakay Triple X