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CenterID: 912
Spare Time Lanes - Decatur
2870 N. Jasper
DecaturIL 62526
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LeagueID: 135418
Young Mixed 23-24'
Bowls On: Sundays
Start Date: 08/20/2023
Start Time: 5:00 PM
Last Updated: 2/25/2024

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Sargeant's Lawn Care
1Sargeant, ScottM336913353193258677
2Sargeant, AudraW68487423154207531
3Sargeant, ConnieW496912109175266600
4Sargeant, BillM526911885172233594
5Williams, KellyW84182462136164453
Team 2: Hawg Daddy's Klan
1Shively, JudyW636310018159221574
2Mahon, TonyM285711295198243704
3Scribner, TomM26336638201248673
4Bodine, JasonM40213900185254632
5Christy, AutumnW50457869174231602
Team 3: That's How We Roll
1Boyd, DianeW93334171126170459
2Boyd, DavidM41336078184238644
3Schuman, JoeM90638156129201504
4Nelson, LisaW115606123102148359
5Nelson, LanaW11942407797126322
6Davis, JamesM85425694135180463
Team 4: Last Call
1Mahon, LeslieW1086655109137347
2Curry, AdaW77699976144199515
3Pierson, GlennM82577897138180502
4Dean, HowardM65548520157222550
5Pierson, MarianW82547457138181467
6Brown, MarcusM84243283136196444
7Brown, YolandaW6791400155219497
Team 5: 2+2
1Pugh III, GeorgeM586310403165237614
2Pugh, LoritaW706910495152211528
3Pugh, CarlaW105697860113167407
4Sager, JoeM83121645137186482
5Sager, CoralW410018400
6Harris, GaryM61609734162222567
Team 6: Pins In Low Places
1Ferre, JeanW115666760102162387
2Abel, BarbW80699729141199549
3Abel, MichaelM446912538181245622
4Ferre, KeithM256312780202267671
5Porter, LarryM180021000
6Moore, HannahW150021300
Team 7: Gutterballz
1Ingram, GavinM11869680698129351
2Dingman, ChrisM84638577136183461
3Schoneman, LeslieW94668251125167448
4Jones, BruceW82699561138223561
Team 8: Best Friends
1Doll, SharonW105333751113180395
2Hector, YavonneW72548094149184513
3Gardner, ChrisM90455878130168431
4Butler, RonM316011722195243669
5Drane, RitaW108485299110172410
6Hector, TomM9306629220268767