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CenterID: 2118
Sun Valley Lanes
321 Victory Lane
LincolnNE 68528-1585

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Men's Game
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ScoreBowler NameTeam NameLeague Name
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300Cornell, KevinWe're HereTriple Take 2023
280Stevens, RobertTrippin' 4's...Valley Benders 2023
279Snelling, JohnElm Street SlashersValley Benders 2023
269Snelling, JohnElm Street SlashersValley Benders 2023
268Gosch, JacubJoker's WildValley Benders 2023
268Frerichs, JeffVIS SportswearTuesday Foursomes 2023
266Losito, JohnSun Valley LanesValley Benders 2023
266Cone, JaredYahtzeeValley Benders 2023
265Foreman, ScottLet's Talk BowlingValley Benders 2023
265Gosch, JacubJoker's WildValley Benders 2023
262Ruth LH, TracinSpare TimeValley Benders 2023
259Jarvis, JohnJoker's WildValley Benders 2023
259Flynn, DanielNEBValley Benders 2023
259Hingst, DamianTeam MegTuesday Foursomes 2023
259Pearson, BarryTen Pin PainTriple Take 2023
259Ganskow, DylanDuo900 Global Scratch Draft 2023
258Hank, JordanFrank C SmellzTuesday Foursomes 2023
258McCarthy, MikeYahtzeeValley Benders 2023
258Thiessen LH, CalebRough Donkeys 2.Valley Benders 2023
258Machovec, JeremyBig Ern & The MunsonsValley Benders 2023
258Staehr, WilliamElm Street SlashersValley Benders 2023
258Addleman, SteveOmaLinkValley Benders 2023
257Kaup, BrandonHump DayValley Benders 2023
257Masek, DerekOmaLinkValley Benders 2023
257Kolbo, TreyHighlands GolfValley Benders 2023
257Phillips, DennisTrippin' 4's...Valley Benders 2023
257Jackson, JamesVIS SportswearTuesday Foursomes 2023
257Bergstraesser, MarkGet SomeTriple Take 2023
257Slade, JacobAll $ InMonday Express Fall 2023
256Cigelman, MikeTNT900 Global Scratch Draft 2023
256Bryan, PatrickElm Street SlashersValley Benders 2023
254Austin, JohnRough Donkeys 2.Valley Benders 2023
254McPherson, ShaunYou Can't USBC MeMonday Express Fall 2023
252Crawford, BrianLet's Talk BowlingValley Benders 2023
251Johnson, SethBig Ern & The MunsonsValley Benders 2023
248Cone, JaredYahtzeeValley Benders 2023
248Porter, MarkMichelob UltraValley Benders 2023
247Schmal, FrankMichelob UltraValley Benders 2023
247Ertl, MikeTeam Tap-OutValley Benders 2023
247Blue, RichardDave Has RabiezValley Benders 2023
247Cornell, KevinWe're HereTriple Take 2023
247Hank, JordanFrank C SmellzTuesday Foursomes 2023
247Hawkins, ChadHere 4 BeerTuesday Foursomes 2023
247Turek, TonyBowlcillinTuesday Foursomes 2023
247Hingst, DamianTeam MegTuesday Foursomes 2023
247Masinelli, JohnKnuckles DeepMonday Express Fall 2023
247Aude, AustinTNT900 Global Scratch Draft 2023
247Miller, RickAbsolute900 Global Scratch Draft 2023
247Tellier, EdBowling ArtworksSVL Seniors 2023
247Burianek, RickWe TrySVL Seniors 2023
246Burianek, RickWe TrySVL Seniors 2023
246Wunderlich, KeithJust 4 FunSVL Seniors 2023
246Procacina, AnthonyNEBValley Benders 2023
246Procacina, NickNEBValley Benders 2023
246Kaiser, ClaytonDave Has RabiezValley Benders 2023
246Schmal, FrankMichelob UltraValley Benders 2023
246Bidrowski, ErikChamber's BayValley Benders 2023
246Kathe, AndrewOpeValley Benders 2023
245Rohwer, JamesRough Donkeys 2.Valley Benders 2023
245Ganskow, DylanDuo900 Global Scratch Draft 2023
244Forkner, AllenTell Your Moms!Valley Benders 2023
244Porter, MarkMichelob UltraValley Benders 2023
243Jensen LH, EricLet's Talk BowlingValley Benders 2023
243Mcginnis, ShawnOmaLinkValley Benders 2023
243Addleman, SteveOmaLinkValley Benders 2023
243Phillips, AlexLate TrippersTuesday Foursomes 2023
243Austin, JohnGet SomeTriple Take 2023
243Thiessen, NoahHy-Road900 Global Scratch Draft 2023
242Rejda, JerrySpare TimeValley Benders 2023
242Steenson, TylerMichelob UltraValley Benders 2023
242Boell, MarcusKnuckles DeepValley Benders 2023
242Boell, MikeKnuckles DeepValley Benders 2023
242Hoesche, CharlesTell Your Moms!Valley Benders 2023
240Foster, MitchBio Fly BowlersZoetis 2023
239Grady, DennyJoker's WildValley Benders 2023
238Beckman, AaronTeam Tap-OutValley Benders 2023
238Stevens, RobertTrippin' 4's...Valley Benders 2023
237Blue, RichardDave Has RabiezValley Benders 2023
237McCarthy, MikeYahtzeeValley Benders 2023
237Stoupa, DaveMarvel MenValley Benders 2023
237Vanness, BenChoke & StrokeValley Benders 2023
237Austin, JohnZen900 Global Scratch Draft 2023
236Jensen LH, EricBrooklen DodgersSVL Seniors 2023
236Masinelli, PeterKnuckles DeepMonday Express Fall 2023
236Crawford, BrianLet's Talk BowlingValley Benders 2023
236Jackson, AndrewChamber's BayValley Benders 2023
236Hoesche, CharlesTell Your Moms!Valley Benders 2023
236Gerhardt, BuddyEaglesTriple Take 2023
236Pearson, BarryTen Pin PainTriple Take 2023
236Hinrichs, RogerBrooklen DodgersTuesday Foursomes 2023
235Fischer, JohnVIS SportswearTuesday Foursomes 2023
235Blue, MichaelRough Donkeys 2.Valley Benders 2023
235Blue, MichaelRough Donkeys 2.Valley Benders 2023
235Flynn, DanielNEBValley Benders 2023
235Jarvis, JohnJoker's WildValley Benders 2023
235Bonebright, StephanieTrippin' 4's...Valley Benders 2023
235Swanson, ChrisRueschhof DrywalValley Benders 2023
235Hampton, SethOpeValley Benders 2023
235Price, JeffSeis Huevos SucioMonday Express Fall 2023
235Waite, KyleDeck TrashZoetis 2023