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CenterID: 5087
Sunset Lanes
1218 Idaho St.
FarrellPA 16121
(724) 981-9363
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LeagueID: 107312
Mon Nite ERME's Bev 2023
Bowls On: Mondays
Start Date: 08/28/2023
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 9/18/2023

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Team 1 Wild Ones
1Gaydek, JosephM07315279209258694
2Hoover, MikhailaW317913106165243600
3Billyk, GerogeM07515187202274702
4, VACANTM548111410140207490
Team 2: Team 2 Reaper Crew
1Markle, KarenW9796891492128352
2Thomas, MikeM719311334121197454
3Markle, LynnM309616027166241595
4, VACANTM549613440140140420
Team 3: Team 3 The Dreamers
1Balach, RobertM479514038147189507
2Griffin, Beth McCrackenW637810152130188469
3Griffin, JamesM77576510114164435
4Mittal, StevenM67714920193242657
Team 4: Team 4 The Motley Crew
1Dillon, RobertaW709311375122182435
2Moore, SharleenW69759232123203441
3Riffle, JasonM437611612152216550
4Dillon, JakeM25427243172264561
Team 5: Team 5 Underdog
1Vasil, DavidM459614461150243568
2Sormaz, DannyM559613265138213461
3Yoursh, JohnM489614062146215534
4Headings, RobertM539012692141205518
Team 6: Team 6 The Pinheads
1Miller, JenniferW409013991155200544
2Greenawalt, BradM529012847142218528
3Parcetich, BrandyW87879002103169388
4Bowers, JeremyM207813859177246604
Team 7: Team 7 Ball Fingers
1Webster, NicholasM79618498192262690
2Sweesy, AndreaW367411775159200542
3Bowers, AmyW72759060120171445
4Bowers, JustinM116311802187278705
Team 8: Team 8 Power Poles
1Harakal, Mary JoW638611145129177457
2Roloff, StephanieW649612339128203473
3Harakal, AlM378313163158224585
4Ludwiczak, RandallM08718273210299787
Team 9: Team 9 Average Control
1Schultz, MarioM197613580178289656
2Thomas, RichyM05111145218299798
3Cupic, AshtynW409314436155222542
4, VACANTM549613440140140420
Team 10: Team 10 Assassins
1Olson, MattM369014417160266584
2Hlumyk, AlexM539313127141200536
3Boyd, DavidM369314941160232567
4Daniels, WilliamM249516490173272652
Team 11: Team 11 Fdb
1Bowers, TammyW567810697137197498
2Bowers, RandyM268714939171234617
3Durham, ChristinaW548712093139215530
4Welsh, AdamM08718377211300758
Team 12: Team 12 Gutter Disappointment
1Shaffer, BenjaminM458412638150225599
2McFall, ChristineW519613808143213542
3McCann, IanM749310908117191454
4Stanton, MichaelM148916401184278664