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LeagueID: 103563
Swampbusters Summer 2024
Bowls On: Tuesdays
Start Date: 06/04/2024
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Last Updated: 7/18/2024

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Men's High Scratch Games - 2022 fall
ScoreDate BowledBowler NameTeam Name
30002/14/2023Hauck Jr, GlennHas Been's
30003/21/2023Giacone, LandonLast Minute
30001/03/2023Booth, RyanLast Minute
30005/09/2023Bonck Jr, PaulLast Minute
30003/14/2023Blount, MasonYoung & The Rest
30005/23/2023Withrow, SedricYoung & The Rest
30001/03/2023Lavergne, DennisWhere's Hunter
30010/25/2022Cooper, HunterWhere's Hunter
30001/31/2023Lavergne, DawsonWhere's Hunter
29904/25/2023Thomas, MikeNOYB
29701/10/2023Snyder Jr, RandieShake and Bake
29002/21/2023Fletcher, BrandonPolish It 2.0
29002/28/2023Jones, John PaulHas Been's
28909/20/2022StCyr, MattScotch In A Buck
28912/13/2022St Andre, JoeyBlack Widow
28904/11/2023Broussard, LoganJesus & His Disc
28911/01/2022Chauvin, ZachJesus & His Disc
28811/29/2022Chauvin, AustinJesus & His Disc
28601/17/2023Roe, MontyThe Up Commers
28311/08/2022Dupuy, BrentenYoung & The Rest
28004/25/2023Brogdon, JohnNOYB
27904/04/2023Baum, NeilNOYB
27901/17/2023Cooper, PaulBeep Beep
27912/27/2022Chauvin, BobbyJesus & His Disc
27902/07/2023Guernsey, ScottI Drink & Throw
27902/14/2023Luckette, BrettPolish It 2.0
27902/14/2023Lavergne, JasonHas Been's
27702/07/2023Dunlap, SteveConstruction Tra
27709/20/2022Pourciau, JohnWho Gives A Spli
26801/03/2023Peters, BobBeep Beep
26811/22/2022Pea, GregThe Jack Rabbits
26801/24/2023Abadie, ArthurFind Another Mar
26811/01/2022Bordok, DavidFind Another Mar
26712/13/2022Head, GeneScotch In A Buck
26509/20/2022Erp, SeanLiving On A Spar
26512/20/2022Hudson, JoeyOne Ball That's
26202/07/2023Mah, LarryConstruction Tra
26001/03/2023Jackson, LuciousThe Jack Rabbits
25612/06/2022Luckette, JeffPolish It 2.0
25612/06/2022Tarver, Mitch3 Guys & A Gal
25505/02/2023Morton, JohnTeam 17
25411/01/2022Ware, MarkLiving On A Spar
24905/23/2023Vining, SaulBlack Widow
24810/11/2022Kirk, LeroyBlack Widow
24704/04/2023Guillot Jr, WayneShake and Bake
24605/02/2023Marengo, JeffWho Gives A Spli
24601/10/2023Ducote, JesseOne Ball That's
24511/15/2022DePaula, BrianFind Another Mar
24402/07/2023Jarreau, Joseph3 Guys & A Gal
24404/11/2023Serhal, ChadThe Up Commers
24403/07/2023Falgout, JoshThe Up Commers
24201/03/2023Badeaux Sr, TerryBeep Beep
24210/25/2022Lauderdale, CodyLiving On A Spar
23702/14/2023Holland, Garrett3 Guys & A Gal
23603/07/2023Gayle, LandryFK If I Know
23512/20/2022LaCiura, SalThe Jack Rabbits
23401/24/2023Hodges, DonConstruction Tra
23409/20/2022Walker, ScottBeep Beep
23205/23/2023Morton, GerardTeam 17
23003/07/2023Mancuso, JoeTeam 17
22504/04/2023Smith, JerredI Drink & Throw
22501/24/2023Marengo, ClaudeWho Gives A Spli
22512/27/2022Hubert, WayneFK If I Know
20009/13/2022Broussard, TuggaScotch In A Buck
19209/13/2022Vining, IsaiahBlack Widow