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CenterID: 12001
Wyncity Bowl & Entertainment
36 Wallace Ave
Point Cook VIC 3030
+61 3 9236 8383

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LeagueID: 100941
New Age League 2022
Bowls On: Thursdays
Start Date: 02/03/2022
Start Time: 4:30 PM
Last Updated: 6/23/2022
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Below are the Social Distancing Lane Assignments for your NEXT bowling session. In certain scenarios, we are unable to provide "who" you are bowling against, unfortunately.

Shift Information


Lane Assignments
LaneShiftTM#Team Name Team Name
1117Bulldogs22 Team Emmett
219Team Emmett Bulldogs22
3119Bowling Dangerous Avengers
4111Avengers Bowling Dangerous
5121Team 24 Dance Baby
6113Dance Baby Team 24
7123Shooting Stars The Groovers
8115The Groovers Shooting Stars
9110Come On !!! The Wonder Years
1012The Wonder Years Come On !!!
11112Superstars We Will Rock You
1214We Will Rock You Superstars
13114Misfit Strikers Teen Strikers
1416Teen Strikers Misfit Strikers
15116Awmas Karate Kid
1618Karate Kid Awmas
17118T Birds The Superheroes
1811The Superheroes T Birds
19120Girly Girl Girls Allstars
2013Allstars Girly Girl Girls
21122New Team Shaft
2215Shaft New Team
23124Melbourne Stars Team Mercedez
2417Team Mercedez Melbourne Stars