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CenterID: 164
Hillside Lanes
18618 W Highway 12
GentryAR 72734
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LeagueID: 95766
Tuesday Nite Mens
Bowls On: Tuesdays
Start Date: 01/09/2024
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Last Updated: 5/21/2024

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Gutter Dusters
1Hogan, BobbyM37548267153204531
2Huff, PanM30548796162279563
3Howard, AaronM18274780177208559
4Clark, ColtonM12488832184245608
Team 2: Team 2
1Voyles, JimmyM115410078186277691
2DeBoer, PaulM8519650189243659
3Johnson, CaseyM57182304128162420
4Keigley, CharlieM16519159179225632
Team 3: Dominos
1Nelson, KerryM40548122150201513
2Corder, GaryM36548412155199519
3Guthrie, MironM20549443174275620
4Gregory, BryanM27457477166212604
Team 4: The B Team
1Haag, DustyM14488749182266661
2Clark, RickyM7214013191244679
3Haag, ShawnM16468274179246647
4Clark, WyattM05111051216279724
Team 5: Hit Or Miss
1Russell, JamesM35517987156206547
2Lewsader, LarryM50334527137186489
3Hittson, ScottM26467725167222573
4Foreman, DewayneM12488834184235639
Team 6: Ole Spare Nutz
1Wall, TomM32548665160214570
2Trammell, JeffM15488721181268612
3Jameson, FrankM28396462165235617
4Trammell, JordanM26244031167245630
Team 7: Team 7
1Thomas, JosephM12488910185245657
2Thomas Left, MattieM27518515166215597
3Thomas, CodyM2489477197277671
4Clark, DanielM05411014203269699
Team 8: The A Team
1Hall, AaronM16519218180250645
2, TarrenM10152807187245592
3Goessens, JasonM14458213182251597
4Brandon, ChrisM05110789211279690