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LeagueID: 127518
The Twilight Zone 2023
Bowls On: Fridays
Start Date: 08/18/2023
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 11/17/2023

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Men's High Scratch Games - 2023 fall
ScoreDate BowledBowler NameTeam Name
30010/20/2023Machovec, JeremyBig Dogs
30011/03/2023Thompson, JasonOily Balls
30009/15/2023Bruhl, DerekStrike Me
29910/20/2023Phillips, AlexHellifino
29609/01/2023Gosch, Charles2Words 1Finger
29010/20/2023Gosch, Jacub2Words 1Finger
29010/06/2023Ham, JohnHavin' Fun Now
28810/20/2023Davis, WyattThe Incredibowls
27911/03/2023Phillips, RonHellifino
27910/27/2023Bruhl, DrewStrike Me
27909/15/2023Sindel, Kitt2Words 1Finger
27909/15/2023Bade, JimSalty Dogs
27909/01/2023Hollibaugh, LonNuckin' Futs
27910/27/2023Brandle, JeffOily Balls
27811/10/2023Chandler, RandyBig Dogs
27711/10/2023Meyer, CoryNuckin' Futs
26810/20/2023Piersol, BobDrive Bys
26611/03/2023Kottich, JamesPocket Pounders
26610/13/2023Zajicek, MikeThe Tempermental
25909/22/2023Kessler, AndreaNuckin' Futs
25910/20/2023Ham, SteveHavin' Fun Now
25811/17/2023Potter, BradCarpetland
25811/03/2023Miller, DrewCarpetland
25809/29/2023Russell, LoganOily Balls
25808/25/2023Rettig, TroyBig Dogs
25709/22/2023Juengel, JamesHavin' Fun Now
25609/01/2023Bourne, AllenThe Incredibowls
25410/13/2023Juengel, PaulHavin' Fun Now
25211/17/2023Graham, DelveionThe Incredibowls
24711/10/2023Portis, JimHavin' Fun Now
24609/08/2023Wozny, Jamey2Words 1Finger
24309/15/2023Koll, Lance2Words 1Finger
23909/15/2023McCloy, RichardDrive Bys
23811/10/2023Piersol, BrendenDrive Bys
23409/15/2023Lehms, RonCarpetland
23410/20/2023Clay, MarkSplits-N-Giggles
23410/27/2023Kumm, JustinSalty Dogs
23408/25/2023Smith LH, EdPocket Pounders
23308/25/2023Hunzeker, RyanBig Dogs
23310/20/2023Bruhl, MartinStrike Me
23211/17/2023Hosler, JoelCarpetland
23109/01/2023Voehl, ShawnPocket Pounders
22609/08/2023Zalesky, JeffSalty Dogs
22408/25/2023Johnson, IvanCarpetland
22310/27/2023Runcie, ScottPocket Pounders
22109/01/2023Mixdorf, WayneBig Dogs
22009/15/2023Magorian, EricSplits-N-Giggles
21309/29/2023Riege, GregStrike Me
21010/27/2023Phillips, RonHellifino
21011/03/2023Bohmen, JohnSalty Dogs
20909/15/2023Chrastil, SteveHellifino
20909/22/2023Chrastil, JerryDrive Bys
20811/03/2023Dinapoli, BernieWild Things
20809/29/2023Voehl, DerekPocket Pounders
19911/10/2023Bettger, EricSplits-N-Giggles
18008/25/2023Piersol, DeanDrive Bys
17311/03/2023Piening, ZaneNuckin' Futs
16910/13/2023Conrad, JoshSalty Dogs
15810/27/2023Taylor, TysenThe Tempermental
14810/27/2023Machovec, PaulBig Dogs
11011/17/2023Breazile, GabePocket Pounders
10208/25/2023Burkhart, AustinSplits-N-Giggles